OptimisCorp is a company led by CEO Alan Morelli and staffed with renowned experts in the medical field including physicians, physical therapists, psychologists and registered dieticians dedicated to the science of health, movement and function. OptimisCorp works to improve the consistency and quality of care delivered by health care professionals by providing them with groundbreaking software programs. These programs allow physical therapists to access evidence-based and clinically proven tools to provide higher quality care for rehab, injury prevention, performance enhancement, weight management, and overall wellness programs. The company is comprised of four highly synergistic divisions: software services, clinical services, billing and compliance consulting, and branded events.

Dare to be different

OptimisCorp improves the consistency and quality of care delivered by health care professionals and other fitness professionals by giving them access to evidence-based and clinically proven tools.

A nationwide, soon to be international, network of optimumCareProvider (OCP) fitness professionals – physical therapists, personal trainers, massage therapists, coaches, and others – deliver evidenced-based assessments, care, and training plans using the optimumCareProvider app via web, iOS, and Android.

The process starts with an assessment (HEART or START; see below) to determine the patient or client’s current abilities and limitations. Based on the results of the assessment, a customized and individualized, evidence-based rehab, cardio, strength, flexibility, and/or weight-loss program is delivered to the patient/client via the optimumMe app (also web or mobile). Certified OCPs earn the benefit of having a web presence on the optimumCareProvider website, as well as being searchable, by specialty and location.

OptimisPT is the proven industry leader in physical therapy documentation. Developed by the country’s top compliance experts, Fearon and Levine, this intelligent web-based EMR seamlessly integrates scheduling, documentation, billing, and practice management components with ease. Our unique, built-in clinical decision support and unprecedented compliance practices feature unmatched convenience. You’ll experience improved efficiency through helpful prompting for therapists and multiple levels of cutting-edge customization. Build a better business with OptimisPT!

optimumMe is an application that delivers prescribed rehab exercises and wellness programs to OptimisPT (rehab) patients and optimumCareProvider (wellness) clients. The patient/client is provided with a calendar showing when she has exercises to perform. Each exercise has a accompanying photos of key positions, as well as a video demonstration and text description.

When the patient/client marks an exercise as complete, that information is relayed back to her physical therapist or trainer. She can also indicate if the exercise was too difficult or painful, as well as send a message to the therapist/trainer. This increased collaboration allows OptimisPT physical therapists and optimumCareProvider health and fitness professionals to deliver more optimized, flexible and effective care.

The evidence-based assessments behind the exercises and workouts provided through optimumMe arm the patient/client with all the information necessary to recover from injury or reach new life goals.

OptimisConsulting provides consulting services to clinic directors and owners, helping them to operate their businesses in the most efficient way. By offering clinics a wide range of services including business services, financial services, customer acquisition services as well as support and training, OptimisConsulting is at the heart of their success.

By providing hundreds of clinics with world-class software and business tools, our goal is to maximize their footprint in the market and to fully realize their potential.  We see OptimisConsulting and its services providing an extraordinary opportunity to take our client’s businesses to the next level.

This non-invasive assessment will help wellness professionals and physical therapists evaluate your risk of developing heart disease. HEART is a 10-minute questionnaire combined with a few quick, non-invasive physical measurements that have been correlated with increased cardiovascular risk. Your HEART score gives your practitioner a baseline to design a program for you. The score ranges from 0-100, with a lower score being better.

This assessment is a series of physical measurements to evaluate your general functions and identify impairments that could lead to injury. Once you are assessed, you are given a baseline START score and exercises are prescribed to help improve your score and reduce your risk of injury. The score ranges from 0-100, with a higher score being better.